Fortunately, there are medications out there, which reduce suffering to millions of people around the world every day. And one of these drugs is Paracetamol.

Panadol is the brand name of the active ingredient Paracetamol. Panadol went on sale more than 30 years ago. Both end users and health care providers trust it.

Panadol is one of the most effective analgesic and antipyretic medicines worldwide. Panadol safety has been proven by many clinical trials, so this drug is prescribed for the treatment of adults, the elderly, as well as children.

Indications to Start Therapy

Panadol is produced in a variety of dosage forms with different strengths. As a rule, you can find the drug in the form of 500mg tablets.

Panadol provides a fast and effective:

  • Removal of different types of pain;
  • Facilitation of cold, flu and sore throat symptoms.

Panadol Manufacturer is GSK (GlaxoSmithKline). This pharmaceutical company supplies several versions of the medicine with different ingredients.

Panadol Extra with Optizorb contains Paracetamol in combination with caffeine. Panadol ActiFast is a soluble tablet. The syrup for children includes ingredients (sugar-free), which have a pleasant taste and aroma, making it easier to swallow.

Dosing Considerations

In order to get the maximum benefit from Panadol, and help the patient feel better, it is important to keep in mind the following recommendations:

  • Swallow tablets whole with or without food.
  • Take doses no more than once every 4 hours.
  • Tell your doctor if you feel better or worse.

For adults:

  • Single dose: 500-1000mg (1-2 tablets);
  • Maximum daily dose: 4000mg (8 tablets).

Dosage for children depends on their age and weight. The instructions for the drug use (children are usually prescribed the syrup form) contain a table, which helps choosing the right dosage.

Are There Any Risks or Side Effects?

Panadol is one of the safest medications compared to any other medications, not only with painkillers and antipyretic drugs. Clinical and post-marketing studies have proven that adverse reactions to Panadol are rare, while severe reactions are very rare.

However, undesirable effects are possible. This usually happens in the following cases:

  • Allergic reaction: redness, rash, itching, swelling;
  • Overdose: nausea, vomiting, fatigue, dark-colored urine.

As a rule, adverse events caused by Panadol (Paracetamol) are minor and pass quickly. Still, some of them are more severe and may require medical assistance and treatment.

Panadol for Sale?

Singapore Health Sciences Authority registered 10 different forms of Panadol. Therefore, you can choose the medicine that is best for you or your child. The main thing is to follow the recommendations for use and not to miss the next dose.

Price for Panadol Extra may be higher than the price of other dosage forms. If you want to buy the cheapest Panadol, choose conventional pills.

Online pharmacies are the place where you can buy Panadol at the lowest price. All you need to do is place an order. Panadol will be delivered to your home, work or any other address that you indicate in the order form.